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Transforming Minority-Led Enterprises
Transforming Minority-Led Enterprises

Unlock the true potential of your business

Welcome to Tidal’s Empowerment Drive!

Tidal Commerce, in association with Shopify and technology partners, is proud to introduce the Tidal Empowerment Drive - a transformative program designed to help minority-led enterprises unlock potential.

The program offers ten selected businesses a unique opportunity to receive comprehensive consulting on Strategy, Marketing, Operations, and Technology— worth $25,000, and a promotional technology bundle to help with implementation.

Apply for a chance to unlock the true potential of your business.

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Program Details

Empowering Dreams, Enabling Success.

Tidal’s Empowerment Drive is more than just a free program—it's a commitment to elevating minority-led businesses with expert guidance and advanced technology. Our team includes former consultants from prestigious firms like McKinsey, WPP, Goldman Sachs, and Accenture, ensuring your business receives top-tier support and insights free.

Our reasons are clear:

  • Raising All Boats: Providing essential guidance to overcome challenges.

  • Building Bridges: Strengthening our ties for a brighter, united future.

  • Giving Back: Actively contributing to meaningful change.

The package includes:

  • One hundred (100) hours of expert consulting to optimize your strategy, process, marketing and technology to optimize your operations valued at over $25,000.
  • A promotional bundle featuring Shopify Plus and its ecosystem partners.
Tidal's Empowerment Package is an invaluable chance to streamline your business, reduce costs, enhance customer experience and gain more customers with a tailored technology roadmap to guide your scaling journey.

How it Works

  • Apply: Show us what makes your business unique and how this program could benefit you.

  • Selection: Our panel of diverse (internal and external) judges will choose ten businesses with the most promising growth potential that could benefit from the program.

  • Transformation: The ten winning businesses will work closely with Tidal consultants to identify pain points and draft a roadmap that will set the businesses on a path to optimized operations and success, along with a promotional technology bundle (eCommerce technology stack).


Who Can Apply?

  • Business Type: Minority-led businesses (women, indigenous, visible minorities, LGBTQ) with at least 50% minority equity ownership.

  • Focus: Primarily e-commerce or significant e-commerce component.

  • Revenue: Minimum annual revenue of $2 million; subject to verification.

  • Operational History: Must be in operation for at least three years.

  • Location: Based in Canada

  • Technology: Currently not on the Shopify Plus Platform.

  • Past Engagements: No prior consultation from Tidal Commerce within the past 12 months.

  • Documentation: Proof of revenue, minority leadership, and duration of operations is required.

  • Exclusions: Businesses in fast fashion, tobacco, vaping, cannabis, alcohol, gambling, predatory lending, and weapons or related are ineligible.

How to Apply

  1. Apply online with the required evidence of minority-led or co-ownership, duration of business and revenue. (Technology stack),

  2. Submit a 2-3 min video pitching the potential of your business and the current constraints of your vision for the business.

Stage 1:

  • Apply online with the required evidence of minority-led or co-ownership, duration of business and revenue.

  • Submit a 2-3 min video pitching about the potential of your business and current constraints that are barriers.

Stage 2:

  • Preliminary Screening: Ensuring all submissions meet our eligibility criteria.

  • Scoring Matrix: Evaluating entries based on the potential impact on the business.

  • Evaluation Panel: Diverse group of internal and external judges.

  • Personal Interviews: Optional deep-dive sessions with top contenders.

  • Final Selection: Choosing the top 10 businesses that stand to benefit the most from our program.

About Us

Tidal Commerce is a Toronto-based, outcome-focused e-commerce consulting and engineering firm that consults, builds, and manages digital store infrastructure, optimizes customer experience, and converts traffic to sales more efficiently.  Tidal’s Services include eCommerce Consulting Services (eCS), eCommerce Development Services (eDS) and eCommerce Managed Services (eMS).

Tidal is an elite Shopify Plus Partner, an Authorised Digital Advisor of Canada’s Digital Adoption program and a strategic business unit of  Umbrella Incorporated, a business transformation company, which enables it to take a holistic view of business and provide end-to-end eCommerce services.

Umbrella Incorporated's strategic business units include Cloud Managed (a digital network infrastructure partner), Tidal Commerce (an e-commerce consulting and engineering firm), Salt Strategy (a market research and strategy consultancy), and Apsis Commerce (an operations advisory).